We started our careers in 1992 working for various design and advertising agencies. In that time, we won over 30 design awards and nominations.

We worked for clients as diverse as The National Trust, Fairtrade, Waitrose, Loseley, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Natwest, Unilever, Axa, Sainbury’s, Whittards Of Chelsea, Travelex, Diaggio, Skype, J&b, Coca Cola, Asda,the UK Government, Berry Brothers & Rudd, Sacla, Knocando, Birds Eye, Walls, Focus Diy, Seicomart, Liberation Cic, Dreams, San Pellegrino, The Refinery, Seat and Fresh & Easy.

Over the years, we found we that we enjoyed working the most with clients that care about people and planet. Because of this, in 2010 we set up Designed by Good People.

I'm Lee.

I have been designing and drawing since I had a hairstyle only a mother could love back in the 1970s.

After college, I moved to London from the sleepy seaside town I grew up. It was a culture shock but a huge learning curve. After a few internships (and many interviews later), I started out in packaging design. I worked for brands like Harveys, Glenrothes, Cutty Sark, Cockburn's, Old Parr, and ice cream like Gino Ginelli (remember that?) and Vienetta. A few jobs later, after working with Waitrose, Knockando and J&B, I landed my dream job.

I turned down a 6-month contract to work with Swatch in Paris to join Minale Tattersfield. They were international and multidisciplinary. You might work on advertising for Natwest one week and branding for Seat the next. I loved it there. It was like a family.

After a stint at Smith & Milton on accounts like Axa & Sainsbury's, I moved to P&W to work on Focus DIY, Tesco and lead the design team in LA when Tesco opened Fresh & Easy. We won a lot of awards there, more than any other agency. I was even invited to be a juror for the Food & Beverage (FAB) Awards. Then I was head-hunted and moved to Davis Hall to work on Asda, Doves Farm and National Trust projects.

I like history, simplicity, architecture, green spaces, travel, good people and a good story.

In 2006 I gave a design lecture in El Salvador (while I had extreme sunburn). Afterwards, a friend invited me to dinner. Sitting next to me was Ariana. In 2010 we started Designed By Good People.

I'm Ariana.

I grew up in El Salvador's capital during the civil war.

The fighting spread to where I lived when I was 9. I'm forever thankful to the Red Cross for getting us out.

When my time came to choose a career, I was torn. For a few weeks, I enrolled in two universities. In one to become a lawyer; in the other, a graphic designer.

Ultimately, I fell in love with the problem-solving approach in design.

After graduating, I worked at McCann Erickson and Ogilvy in El Salvador. While I was there, I worked for clients like Dove, Hellman's and Unilever.

In 2006 I came to London to study for my MA at Central Saint Martins. My main project was an eco/ethical labelling scheme for products and services. After living through a war, having peaked into what can drive people to one, this project meant a lot to me.

I stayed in London and worked at a few design studios on a range of projects: branding for Visit London and Rio de Janeiro, packaging for M&S, Whittard of Chelsea, Tesco and Fresh & Easy in the USA.

I like history, fairness, botanical gardens, good people and a good story.

While I was still in El Salvador. A friend invited me to dinner. Sitting next to me was Lee, a overly sunburnt man I'd seen giving a design lecture. A few years later, we started our own design company.