The London Borough of Hillingdon wanted to create welcoming artwork for Northwood Hills, located outside the tube station. We were asked by LB Hillingdon, the Office of the Mayor of London, and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to assist in commissioning artists for this project.

We had previously worked on the council and Mayor of London's Outer London Fund shop front scheme, establishing strong relationships with residents, traders, and council members. Our research into Northwood Hills and its history fueled our enthusiasm for branding the area, and we proposed design ideas that were well-received.


To create the artwork, we collaborated with Transport for London (TfL) to source an image from a Metroland poster by Michael Reilly from their archives. This image served as the visual inspiration for the mural and was also used on tote bags distributed by local shops. We suggested adding artwork to a natural recess on the station wall and the parapet walls of the bridge, and TfL was very supportive of the idea.

We helped the council draft the artist brief, which was then distributed via the council’s tender portal to invite submissions. Our expertise in researching and commissioning artists, photographers, and illustrators ensured a robust selection process.

Following a competitive selection process, we were part of the panel that chose the artist, along with representatives from the GLA and council officers. Artists Gordon Collet and Cosmo Sarson were chosen based on their joint tender. They collaborated with local schools, incorporating ideas from schoolchildren, and regularly reported to us, the council, and residents' associations. We believe that Gordon and Cosmo did an amazing job on the enamel panel artwork, as well as the manufacturers, Links Signs. The artwork was visited by and highly praised by the Mayor of London.


Gordon Collet

Cosmo Sarson


Links Signs