How do you brand exuberant food, made with passion by the humblest of people?
When Ilze approached us, she had a logo and packaging that didn't match the quality of her handcrafted chocolates and macaroons, undoubtedly some of the best we've ever tasted by the way.
When we work with a client we want to know why they do what they do, what drives them and therefore, what drives the brand. As part of her brief, when we asked Ilze this, her answer was a film: 'Babette's Feast', after watching it, we got the connection straight away, just like Babette Hersant, Ilze is incredibly passionate and skilled at what she does, but she's also amazingly humble.




When someone puts their name to a brand, they are the brand. We believe you have to capture the reason why they do what they do. That was at the core of the rebrand of Ilze’s Chocolat. The branding is handcrafted, bright and as delicious as the chocolates and macaroons Ilze creates, while the boxes are eco-friendly and humble. The focus is on the product and the passion behind making them.
On a practical level, as Ilze was scaling up, having to tie ribbons by hand on her boxes was no longer practical, she needed a quicker way to seal the boxes and mark what was inside them.
We suggested ditching the ribbon and using stickers instead, at the back, they now have a section where she can put a tick to let her customers know what chocolates are inside.
Her previous boxes came already made, using up a lot of storage space that she wanted to free up. The solution: her new boxes come flat, ready to be folded, using a fraction of the space.

"Thank you for your contribution to Ilze's Chocolat. You have done a great job! If there is any complaint that I can raise, it is that we have had far too much interest. A significant part of that must be due to having a brand and look that is exciting and interesting for existing customers, as well as new ones."

Jan - Ilze's Chocolat

As the business grew, she was ready to open her own shop on the high street. With our experience working on high street regeneration, we were able to help her with that too. Her brand has now expanded to bricks and mortar.