This was part of a shop front scheme we were working on, improving the look of the area with new signage and a mural in Kingshill Parade. There was an ugly fenced-off area overgrown with weeds. LB Hillingdon wanted to cover it with hoardings and artwork as a developer was looking to extend a property into the space.


We had worked in the area for a while and had heard stories from the shop owners and customers about what the parade used to be like.

People were nostalgic about the area and often talked about the shops that used to be there in its heyday. One story was that a hardware shop in the parade was the inspiration for the famous Four Candles sketch by the Two Ronnies. That's the sort of story that deserves to be told!

This led to a typographic mural on the hoardings designed to continue the conversation.

Sometimes, to bring pride back to a place, it's wise to acknowledge why people used to love it.

This project took place just before COVID-19, which delayed the project.